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Local Inventory and Same Day Delivery

Mackintosh Tool Company offers an extensive local inventory of cutting tools, indexable tooling, metalworking fluids and abrasives in the southwestern Ohio region.  Free daily delivery is offered in the Dayton Metro area region.  Daily delivery service for the areas outside of the Dayton area is available for a fee.  Click here to see a map.


Cutting Tool Technical Service

Mackintosh Tool Company offers a vast array of cutting tool technical services, including tool specifications by print, tool optimization, troubleshooting, insert optimization and consolidation, tool testing and continuous improvement proposals.  Looking to optimize your tooling performance, or just solve some problems?  A Mackintosh Tool Company sales engineer will look at your application with no obligation.


Metalworking Fluid & Lubricant Services

Mackintosh sales engineers can evaluate your current metalworking fluid usage, address sump life issues, operator safety and tool life issues.  We can match up approximate metalworking fluids to your machining applications, machines and address water quality issues.  Mackintosh can assist in designing recycling, filtration or cleaning processes to ensure you are reaching your fluids' full potential.  Fluid evaluations are free of charge with no obligations.


Drill Reconditioning Service

We provide complete reconditioning services for a wide range of drill brands and styles, including solid carbide, carbide tipped and replaceable tipped drills.  Reconditioning lead times are less than 14 days, with no minimum quantities.  Advanced CNC grinders provide the full spectrum of drill point geometries.


Indexable Tool Repair

We offer a wide variety of indexable tool repair services on end mills, face mills, drills, lathe tool holders and many other indexable tools.  Repair services are also available for tool holders such as tap adapters, tap holders, tap chucks and quick-change clamping units.